Hello! 🌍 - I am Amélie, a Belgian multidisciplinary graphic designer based in Toronto, Canada. My passion lies in listening deeply and transforming visions into reality. I focus on empowering brands within the interior industry, including luxury furniture, interior design, sustainable home goods, and fine art. My journey into this specialization is driven by a deep passion and understanding for these areas.
With a background in design, sales, and marketing, both in-house and with clients, I bring a diverse perspective to my work. This allows me to offer comprehensive solutions, including branding, website design, art direction for photoshoots, styling, social media strategies, and marketing. My industrial design roots influence my meticulous approach to project management, ensuring every detail is thoughtfully considered.
What truly sets me apart is my dedication to my clients. I value the relationships I build with them, seeing them as foundational to any project. By deeply understanding and embodying my clients’ visions, I deliver work that is both aesthetically pleasing and resonant.

Art Direction / Project Management / Editorial Design / Packaging Design / Marketing Design, Print & Digital / Product Design / Photography / Interior Styling / Branding / Visual Identity / Website Design / Marketing
I look forward to connecting with you. 
+1 (416) 574-1644