Hello! 🌍 I'm a multidisciplinary graphic designer based in Toronto, Canada. 
My mission is to empower thoughtful brands, guiding them towards development and elevation. I achieve this by cultivating clarity, weaving their unique stories through beautiful and functional designs, and ensuring a strong commitment to brand consistency.
With a distinctive blend of design, sales, and marketing expertise earned from experiences with both in-house teams and clients, I have worked across diverse industries, including sustainable home goods and luxury furniture, interior design, contemporary art, and beauty. My background in industrial design influences my approach and obsession for functional and sensible design, beautiful materials, and timeless aesthetics. Always drawn to new challenges, I am a multifaceted creative constantly in pursuit of realizing my full potential. ​​​​​​​
Art Direction / Editorial Design / Packaging Design / Marketing Design, Print & Digital / Product Design / Photography / Interior Styling / Branding / Visual Identity / Website Design 
I look forward to connecting with you. 
+1 (416) 574-1644